Student Highlight: Chandler

Chandler is a fun loving girl who enjoys spending time with her friends and throwing baking parties. When she is not throwing a party or hanging out with her church youth group, you can find her spending her time with her PAL throughout the week. She might even be taking in a workshop or doing a practice test at KD College Prep. Chandler is also a member of the CHHS Red Jackets and National Honor Society. There is no question that her calendar is full; however, she has still found time to prepare for the SAT ® and ACT ® tests she faces as she approaches college.

When Chandler realized it was time to make her test preparation a priority, she turned to her friends and learned of KD College Prep. Chandler heard great things from her peers and began to see them improve in their testing. For her aspirations of attending either Texas A&M or Duke to be realized, Chandler knew the best decision for her was to join the program.

For Chandler, scheduling her life seemed to be a finely tuned juggling act, but she found some ways to keep everything in place. Each month, she would get a calendar and circle the days that she could attend class, workshops, or take a test and review. She knew she had to do this with so many things contending her for her time. Her test preparation at KD had to take precedence, or that precious time would naturally go to something else. Priorities had to be made.

After prioritizing practice, her SAT ® test score jumped 350 points overall! In a recent conversation with a KD Director, Chandler credits her success not only to her planning, but also to the teachers who presented the materials in ways that she could understand. She also gives a huge thanks to a director at the KD College Prep’s Colleyville campus for her helpful advice. Chandler is grateful for the honest and tailored feedback of the KD teachers and staff. She knows that she would not have gotten a score that far exceeded her expectations without them.

On those days when it seems there are not enough hours to balance all that is going on, take a tip from Chandler. She says, “Start (KD College Prep) earlier than I did, don’t procrastinate. Write down your goals, make a schedule ahead of time, and put it into practice.”

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