5 Tips to Improve Your SAT® Test Score

You’ve taken the test the first time around and received your scores. But you were hoping for a higher number. If you, like many students, will be taking the SAT® test more than once, try these 5 tips to improve your SAT test score on the next test. 1. Set a Target Score The first


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High School Course Requirements for Ivy League Colleges

Many selective colleges, such as Ivy League schools, require that you take certain courses while in high school in order to prepare for college-level coursework. While choosing which courses you’ll take in high school, it is important to understand what courses your target colleges want you to take. These often include biology, physics, chemistry, and


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10 Effective Learning Techniques

When you need to learn new material, you can rely on the science of study to help you achieve the most effective results. Researchers have classified study techniques into classifications of highly, moderately, and slightly effective techniques. In this blog, we go over the 10 most effective learning techniques and categorize them in terms of


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