when you register for our Complete™ Program for test prep.

  • Class of 2025 (current 8th graders) – start summer of 2021- $3,249
  • Class of 2024 (current 9th graders) – start summer of 2021- $2,349
  • Class of 2023 (current 10th graders) – start summer of 2021- $1,449
  • Class of 2022 (current 11th graders) – start summer of 2021- $849

KD College Prep provides live online and in-person test prep activities to help your child prepare for upcoming PSAT, SAT®, and ACT® tests. This includes instructor-led lessons, workshops, practices tests, test reviews, and more. We also offer College Counseling programs in which we guide your family through the entire college admissions process. College Counseling programs are not included in this discount offer.

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The $250 discount is applicable only on the Complete ™ Program. Discount is valid for new student registrations only. Cannot be combined with any other offer, promotion, or discount. Offer valid for paid registrations (paid in full or via installment plan) received between March 4, 2021 through April 27, 2021.