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Whether you’re applying to two colleges or twelve, you need to prioritize balance. We’ll tell you how to create a balanced college list that is likely to result in mostly acceptances. We also have some nontraditional advice about how to think about the college list, and it doesn’t include statistics. With a balanced college list, […]

The average reading speed can be around 200 words per minute. The average writing speed can be around 200 words per hour. (Many famous authors write even more slowly than that). College application essays are widely considered the hardest part of college applications because they’re so time-consuming. This is why it’s never too early to […]

Most colleges don’t require AP® courses or test scores. So, in that sense, AP® classes don’t matter for many students. But AP® courses do provide other benefits. So in five other ways, AP® classes matter a lot. Here are five ways that AP® classes can give you an edge in college admissions process. 1. GPA […]

April 22—Earth Day—falls on a Monday this year. Mondays are great days for starting something new or for renewing commitments to living green and clean. For high school students and their parents, it is also a chance to connect on something other than school. Get outside, get your hands dirty, and get back to basics. […]

Best case scenario: You’ve got several acceptance letters from colleges that you are excited to attend. You’re overjoyed and overwhelmed at the same time. Whether you have a clear path or are still making a decision, here are some steps for you to take now that you’ve been accepted to college. (Congratulations by the way!) […]

The official envelope is in the mailbox. Your palms immediately turn clammy. You open up the letter, scanning for the word “acceptance.” Whether you find good news or bad news in the letter, you are in control of how you respond. How you respond to decisions tells colleges just as much about your maturity level […]

A college visit is like a first date. You’re each so focused on putting your best foot forward that you might not notice some of the details that make the college “real.” While your tour group is being led along a specifically designated path, you should keep an eye out for signs of what the […]

The college visit is your student’s chance to try the college on for size and see how well it fits. But knowing what to ask when you’re there on site and thinking of things you should have asked later, when you’re back at home, are two different things. Use these 10 questions as starting places […]

On most high school resumes, “Community Service” isn’t even a major heading. But, as we have said before, it should be. Rather than shoving volunteer work to the bottom of the page along with typing speed and hobbies, resumes that are used in college applications should highlight passionate commitment to the greater good. Colleges are […]

Short answer: Maybe. Here’s the main argument against using a private college counselor: Why should you pay for a service you could do yourself? Of course, by that logic, you’re one step away from growing your own crops. Not everyone wants to be—or even can be—a DIY college application family. Let’s be perfectly clear: high […]

Writing down your goals makes you more likely to achieve them. The act of putting goals down on paper brings them to life in a way that keeping them in your mind never will. When it comes to your ideal college experience, you certainly want those dreams to become reality. It makes sense that you […]

The end of another year doesn’t only mean winter break and holiday celebrations with family. It also means college application deadlines are getting real. Most regular decision college applications fall somewhere between January 1 and February 1. Meaning high school seniors have probably got about 20 days or less to get all their materials together […]