KD College Prep offers a wide array of award-winning college counseling and test prep options. Each extends unique benefits and has been designed to address a different set of needs. Finding the program that’s the best fit for your student will depend on both his or her desired outcomes and individual strengths and weaknesses.

If your student hasn’t yet set college goals or had his or her performance assessed, we provide services that can help. In the meantime, answering the following questions should help you form a better idea of which KD College Prep program is right for your student.

Which program will help my child prepare for college admissions tests such as the SAT® and ACT® tests?

We are recognized as experts in the field of test preparation, and this expertise forms the foundation of our pedagogy. Our Complete Program will provide your child with access to instructor-led lessons, workshops, and practice tests, complete with instructor-led reviews.

My junior high school student is taking the SAT® test as a part of Duke TIP* (Duke Talent Identification Program). How can we help him or her develop his or her full potential?

If your student is in the 7th or 8th grade and has scored well on standardized tests or IQ tests, he or she may be a great candidate for KD College Prep’s Advanced Start program. Through this program, middle school students prepare alongside high-school students, enjoying the same access to lessons, workshops, and practice tests. This program also provides early enrichment for the PSAT/NMSQT®, SAT®, and ACT® tests.

My child learns differently. Standard classrooms are not a good fit for him or her. What do you recommend?

We keep all of our classes small, empowering our teachers to give more attention to each student. However, if your child has learning differences or easily becomes overstimulated, individual tutoring may be the perfect solution. After creating a tutoring plan based on his or her needs and goals, our instructors will provide targeted instruction in a one-on-one setting.

Which program will help my child with his or her college admissions essays?

Writing a college admissions essay that genuinely stands out can be challenging even for the most accomplished student. Whether your child just needs another reader who can help polish an essay or could use more foundational assistance to move beyond a first draft, he or she is sure to benefit from an individual college essay tutoring session.

Which program will help my child get into his or her college of choice?

If your student has his or her heart set on attending a particular university, consider enrolling him or her in KD College Prep’s Apply Now Boot Camp. Over the course of this exciting 4-day workshop, college-bound students work intensively on the Common Application® and ApplyTexas® applications, an edited personal resume, and two college admissions essays.

For families seeking one-on-one, full-service college admissions help, our Pinnacle College Counseling service provides guidance throughout the entire college admissions journey.

From college selection to essays to applications, we have it covered.

If you need targeted help with specific areas of the college admissions process, the Select Program is another popular option.

As you can see, KD College Prep takes both an expansive and holistic view of college admissions preparation. We measure student success by more than your student’s PSAT/NMSQT®, SAT®, and ACT® test scores. We also work to build preparation habits that will serve your student well long after graduation.

For more information or to discuss your student’s specific circumstances, contact KD College Prep staff and schedule a campus tour. We’ll be happy to show you how we help students reach their college goals.