Student Highlight: Micky

KD College Prep sees thousands of students each year achieve admission into their dream school. This is what our team lives for each day. Our staff works alongside our students to support them, to sympathize with them when they feel overwhelmed, and to provide detailed plans of action. Our staff encourages each student under our care with a smile and a hug, reminding them that there is indeed a light at the end of the high school tunnel.

No one knows this truth better than Micky, a student at our Plano campus, who spent time with a campus director reminiscing about his experiences at KD College Prep. Micky graduated from Legacy Christian Academy and plans to attend West Point to study Mechanical Engineering. Like many high school students, Micky was involved in a myriad of extracurricular activities ranging from football to an internship for State Representative, Pat Fallon.

Micky knew that in order to make his dreams more than mere imagination, he needed assistance. He sought out advice from his high school guidance counselor, Daniel Townsley, who serves as the Director of College Advising at Legacy Christian Academy. Mr. Townsley suggested that Micky explore the option of KD College Prep for his ACT ® and SAT ® test preparation. Micky is thankful to Mr. Townsley for his recommendation to join the program, which was the start of a journey that helped Micky reach his goals.

Micky admits, “I learned quickly that KD allows you to go as far as you want; you just have to be willing to put in the work.” Micky followed his own advice. As a student who enrolled for one-on-one tutoring, Micky acknowledges that the best character trait that KD College Prep developed in him was a commitment to be disciplined. During his initial appointments, Micky noticed that the program required discipline and hard work, which was vital for his personal growth. This factor had a significant impact on him. Ultimately, Micky did receive the score he sought and got accepted to West Point, his dream school!

Micky is looking forward to serving his country. He wants to share some valuable advice with students who are in the throes of test preparation today: “Whatever you want to achieve, whatever score you’re looking for, you can get it if you’re willing to work for it. How badly do you want that score? You’ve got to work for it.” We could not be more proud of Micky, and we congratulate him on his acceptance to West Point.

What about you? Are you like Micky? Are you looking for something to make yourself more competitive in the college admissions market? KD College Prep is here for you too. Your dreams really can be a reality. As Micky says, you just have to be willing to take the steps to achieve those dreams. Congratulations, Micky!

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