tanisha testimonial

Students, Test Prep

“My time and experiences at KD College Prep have efficiently guided and prepared me for my future educational career as a college student. Not only did KD help me with college entrance exams but also provided numerous informational seminars that helped me with the various steps required for college admissions. At KD I enjoyed learning from amazing teachers, who cared for each of their students individually and were ready to help wherever it was needed. Being a student at KD has also helped me figure out which learning techniques work best for me. The opportunity to engage in different learning methods such as small group interactive learning, larger group discussions, or individual practice are all ways that helped me come up with a learning routine that worked for me.”

Tanisha P. – Class of 2020

KD College Prep

APPLY NOW! Boot Camp, Students, College Counseling

My feedback can only be positive, given how much you helped me get ahead with my application process. I really appreciated how much work both of you put into helping me write the best essay possible, especially reviewing my essays twice to polish them completely. In addition, I have noticed that writing my resume has released a lot of stress off my shoulder when it comes to making sure I have all the things necessary to apply to schools.

Claudia A. – Class of 2020

rishab testimonial

Students, Test Prep

“My favorite things about KD were the mirroring it had to actual test questions, the availability, and the relationships you built with all the teachers and advisors who made the process of learning easier. I think that after you started going to a good amount of classes and the workshops, you knew every teacher, and they were always available to answer any questions that you had…Everyone was just so welcoming and made learning more engaging for the students, especially with the workshops. All of [the teachers] had their own unique style of teaching which never made a class boring.”

Rishab P. – Class of 2021

KD College Prep

One-on-One Tutoring, Students, Test Prep

“I want to thank both of you so very much for making this dream come true. When I first came to KD, I wanted to get a score of 1520 or above… So many people told me it would be impossible to reach my desired score. After months of using KD’s methods my scores definitely improved but hovered around 1350—still not near the score I needed but closer. After finally working with both of you during one on ones, my scores started to see heavy improvement and while I didn’t get a score of 1520 or above as a single score, I got it as a superscore which all of the colleges I’m applying to accept. I know I definitely would not have gotten this score without KD, but I’m also positive I wouldn’t have gotten it without our one-on-one private sessions, and I’m truly appreciative and thankful for your guys’ help. ” 

David P. – Class of 2022

KD College Prep

Parents, Test Prep

“It takes a village to raise a child—this is so true. KD College Prep staff have been nothing but uplifting to my child and to us parents through their eager attitudes to assist, in-depth guidance and unparalleled wisdom. I am in awe at the consistent level of professionalism yet genuine concern for each and every person that walks through their doors. Thank you KD staff for being great mentors for our children!”

Gloria D. – Daughter, Class of 2021

test prep testimonial kareena

Students, Test Prep

“I attended KD for the last 3 years, and I was blessed with the opportunity to take the SAT® test one last time last month. I got a 1430 on the test. I wanted to take the time to say I have finished college applications, and I would love to thank all the teachers and aides at KD for giving me the score that I got on the test. Without the extra practice, I wouldn’t have been able to get through to the score I got. These past 3 years went by so fast, and it is so fun to look back at where I started and how much I have come out with flying colors. Thank you so much!”

Kareena A. – Class of 2021

test prep testimonial advika

Students, Test Prep

“I just wanted to say thank you to KD for all the help and support you’ve given over the past couple years! I was able to get the scores I wanted for the PSAT, SAT®, and ACT® tests. The resources were very helpful, and the individualized assistance I received from teachers were what really supported my learning. Special thanks to Ms. Barwick and Mr. Hoffman!”

Advika R. – Class of 2022

test prep testimonial blaine

Students, Test Prep, College Counseling

“I shifted toward taking practice tests and going to workshops because I felt those were the best ways to apply the concepts (I was) learning in class. I started applying the tips and tricks that the teachers were showing me in class. In conjunction, those two things helped me raise my score a lot because I was not a math kid before KD or high school. The repetition and being able to practice in a non-stressful environment and simulating that testing experience is something that was very beneficial for me…

“The college counseling team was super patient and honest about the work I was submitting. I know for a lot of kids, it’s hard to articulate who you are through 250-300 words. It was definitely a struggle, and I think college counseling helped me so much with finding a way to do that well enough. I’m pretty sure that is what got me into Stanford, if I had to say it was one thing.”

Blaine W. – Class of 2021

test prep testimonial julio

Parents, College Counseling

“Both of my sons have been guided by KD College Prep counselor Steve Peifer on their journey to finding the right college for them, and we could not have had a better experience and outcome. My oldest son is now a rising junior at the University of Miami, and my youngest son is an incoming freshman at Vanderbilt University. Steve’s help in navigating the complicated college landscape and finding the BEST FIT for my two sons is what has made this resource invaluable.

“What made the biggest difference for my two sons was the depth and breadth of knowledge Steve has of the many universities and colleges in the U.S. First, by getting to know my kids on a one-on-one basis, he was able to draw upon his knowledge to provide us with options and opportunities we hadn’t even known about or considered but became integral to the process. Secondly, his experience also proved vital in the process of preparing the best college essays, knowing when to push my kids to dig deeper into their own personal stories and produce the essays that best represented their interest and personalities.

“I have no doubt that the time Steve took with my sons made all the difference in their successful navigation of this overly complicated process and the college outcomes they achieved.”

Julio M. – Parent

KD College Prep

Advanced Start, Parents, Test Prep

“My daughter loved the program—the program materials and the teachers both online and in person. She participated in a year of online and a year of in person. It was incredible enrichment and helped her keep her skills sharp over the summer. She liked being challenged academically, and she loved taking classes with high school students who were focused on their college goals. These students were also excellent role models! The lessons were especially important during the pandemic when it wasn’t a typical middle school experience.”

Beth L. – Advanced Start™ Parent