Frequently asked Questions

Prospective Students
Do I pay a fee each year for the Complete Program?

No. A one-time fee includes all of the activities in our Complete Program until you reach your test score goals or until you graduate from high school. That means lessons, workshops, practice tests and reviews, grade-level specific planning and guidance seminars for the college admissions journey…all for one price. The fee is discounted if you pay it all at once, but it can also be paid using an installment plan.

We want to prepare you for all of the college admissions tests you will be taking throughout your high school career. We are here for you until you reach your goals… plain and simple.

When is the “right” time for me to start?

In general, it’s never too early to start thinking about your future. Each of our students has a different goal in mind, so it is a great idea to contact us to discuss your needs. We’d be happy to schedule a free consultation to determine the best path for you.

How do I get started?

  1. Decide which program you want to join (Complete Program, 7th or 8th Grade Program, Individual Tutoring)
  2. View the schedules for the program. You may choose from an in-person or live online class schedule. Select the class code for your preferred schedule, an orientation code, and a time to take the Diagnostic Test.
  3. Register online and submit payment.
  4. Attend your first class!


Questions? Just call!

How do you compare to your competitors?

We believe our program exceeds that of all other test preparation programs because we:

  • make a commitment to our students for the duration of their high school career for one price
  • provide ongoing instructor-led practice activities
  • offer direction and guidance to help you maximize your potential
  • have constantly changing practice materials utilizing our proprietary curriculum
  • hire degreed, experienced teachers
  • track student progress using our one-of-a-kind system
  • give flexibility to activities with a facility open 6 days per week
  • offer flexible make-up lessons at no charge

How much improvement can I expect to see?

Your reward is directly related to the effort you make. Every student has different starting points in knowledge, learning styles, commitment levels, and extracurricular distractions. Students who commit to our Complete Program and follow our recommendations can expect to see between 100 and 400 points of improvement.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes, and our guarantee is the best in the industry. Students participating in our high school level Complete Program may stay with us and continue to prepare under our direction at no additional charge until they graduate from high school. It’s not a guarantee based on our standards…it’s all about your goals.

Lessons and homework
I need to make-up a class. What do I do?

Currently all make-up lessons are provided via live online sessions and require a reservation via your KD student portal. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Contact your KD College Prep campus to verify which lesson you actually missed.
  • An advisor can provide a list of days and times make-up lessons are available so you can choose the time that’s best for you.
  • You will receive a link to your make-up class 24 hours before the class time and again several hours before the class begins.

Can I repeat lessons?

If you began our Complete Program prior to the 11th grade, you will participate in revised and updated curriculum once in each grade level through the 11th grade.
If you have not received the scores you need after taking the national tests in 11th grade, please contact us so we can schedule an evaluation for you. Based on your scores, activity, and goals, we will design a plan for you leading up to the 12th grade.

Workshops and vocabulary
Do I have to finish lessons before coming to workshops or participating in practice tests?

No. As soon as your lessons start, you should begin attending the workshops.
The workshops are intended to review the concepts you are learning in your lessons and to give you more practice with them. You should attend workshops until you reach your score goal.
KD College Prep’s recommendation is that after attending Verbal 4 and Math 3, you are ready to begin taking practice tests.

Do I need an appointment to go to the workshop?

Yes. Workshops must be scheduled ahead of time and require a reservation. Currently workshops are conducted via live online sessions. Students sign up for workshops via their KD Student Portal. If you need to change your scheduled workshop time, you must call your campus. Live online workshop attendance is awarded only for students who attend the 2-hour block (1 hour math/1 hour verbal) in its entirety. (In-person workshops are slated to return in mid-summer 2021. Check back for updated information or call your campus.)

How often does KD College Prep change the workshop material?

We introduce new workshop material every Saturday and that material repeats throughout the week. In other words, don’t go to a math workshop on Saturday morning AND Sunday afternoon; it will be the same material.
The week before a national test date, the workshop material changes daily Monday-Thursday. Check your KD Student Portal for more details.

I don’t have an ID. What do I do?

Go to Command Central and have your picture taken and then pick up the ID the next time you are in the office. If you forgot your ID at home, then go to Command Central and get a Temporary ID for $0.50. You will need your ID for all activities.

Full-Length Practice tests
When can I take full-length practice tests?

You can take a practice test in several different ways:

  1. Come by your campus and pick up a test to self-time at home. Your completed bubble sheet is due back to the campus via email at least (3) days prior to your review.
  2. Call your campus to reserve a spot for a proctored test time. There is limited seating and reservations are required.
  3. If you are an out of area student, call your campus to arrange for a test (or tests) to be shipped to you.
    Before you choose a method in which to take your test, you will be asked to select a time for an instructor-led test review. The review provides vital teacher input on any missed questions. You must attend an instructor-led review before you take additional practice tests to ensure that you are progressing. You can find the test review calendar via your KD Student Portal or call your campus for review days/times.

But what if I miss my test review?

We all learn from our mistakes…that’s what a test review is all about. If you miss yours, it’s important to make it up in one of the following ways:

  • Find out if there is another upcoming review for the test you took.
  • Review via individual tutoring. The cost is $75 per hour for Complete Program students and the review usually takes 2 hours.
  • Attend an Instructor-Monitored Self-Review. Contact your campus for details.

Do you help students with college admission counseling?

Yes. Whether you need expert advice for the entire admissions process or guidance for a few specific areas such as college selection or essay help, our College Counseling Division is here to help you find the right solution for your family.

We offer direction and recommendations about the basics of the college admissions journey in Orientations and Planning Seminars as a part of our Complete Program for test prep.

Do you help students with college scholarships and financing?

No, but we can recommend ethical, seasoned professionals to help you.

I think I need extra tutoring. What should I do?

If you are actively involved in the workshops and you’re taking regular practice tests and attending the instructor-led reviews, you may not feel like you need additional help. If there’s an area in which you want a little more focus, you want to review one of your tests individually, or a time constraint or learning difference concerns you, let us know. Individual tutoring can always be arranged for an additional hourly fee to help you feel more confident on the big test day. Email for more information.

When should I take the national tests?

As part of your Orientation and 10th and 11th grade Planning Seminars, we will help you develop your testing timeline. Your timeline will be affected by many factors, such as your high school courses, exam schedule, college choices, and score level, so it’s wise to discuss your options with a member of our team.