Student Highlight: Namita

Namita scored a 240 on her PSAT/NMSQT ® test in 2014. That’s right, this amazing girl made a perfect score on her PSAT/NMSQT ® test and a 2390 on her SAT ® test as well! Quite naturally, one of the first questions going through your mind is “How did she do it?” Namita was kind enough to interview with a KD College Prep director and share her story with us all.

Namita is a current 11th grader at Grapevine High School. Among her many aspirations are attending a university in the Northeast, climbing Mount Everest, serving with Doctors without Borders, and making a perfect score on her PSAT/NMSQT ® test this year. She shared with us her relief to be able to start checking off her list! Her journey to meeting that goal has been a long one. She joined KD College Prep as a 7th grader and realized early that her preparation would be paramount to success on the college admission exams that she would face in high school.

From 7th grade to present day, Namita saw her score increase over 800 points. She said that the teachers and directors at KD College Prep helped her stay motivated by reminding her that her goals were possible. Simply hearing from these important people in her life that her goal was possible helped Namita believe that it was so. That is why she attended workshops several times a month, took practice tests, attended reviews, and studied vocabulary for endless hours. She knew that consistency was a major factor in ensuring her improvement and ultimately meeting her testing goals.

Namita humbly expressed how much it meant to her to hear others’ advice on finding the motivation she needed. In turn, Namita hopes to pay forward this word of encouragement to students following in her footsteps: “Practice, practice, and practice consistently. It’s a lot harder to start and stop your testing practice rather than to routinely keep up with it. Consistency is what will help you reach your goals. Meeting your goals is definitely possible, but you have to be willing to put in the effort to make them reality.”

Namita’s consistency was certainly fruitful. She recalls how she felt the day she learned that she received a perfect score. At first she didn’t believe it was true. Then she felt such relief at the good news, hopeful about the college admissions opportunities that may open up, and incredibly thankful for her years of practice at KD College Prep.

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