David Dillard


“Treat others BETTER than you treat yourself.” – Unknown

A proud Texan, David was born in San Antonio and raised in Oak Cliff. He attended the University of Texas at Austin and spent his early professional years in finance, marketing, and organizational development with a variety of small entrepreneurial companies. David’s initial responsibilities at KD College Prep involved anything that Founder Karen Dillard (his wife) did not have the time, experience, or ability to do.

Things have evolved over time. The business has attracted a team of talented people to help take over the many hats that David has worn. His most important role today is to help clarify the mission, cast vision for the future, and create ways for team members to develop skills and discover their strengths so that they are ready to better serve client families.

Fun Facts About David:

What do you like best about KD College Prep?
“I love helping people. We get to help people turn their dreams into reality. We help them discover and gain confidence in their true abilities. We help them create higher and better trajectories for their lives, for our client families, and for our team members. What more can you ask for than a life of true purpose and impact?”

What is your List of Loves?
“My life beyond work revolves around family and the places I give back. Here is my List of Loves:

  • My daughter in New York City
  • Caring for elderly parents, siblings, nieces, and nephews (all scattered around the world)
  • Serving my church and non-profits – I love helping with children’s programs, and I am a long-time YMCA board member. 
  • I love traveling, discovering new places, and seeing the world. Karen and I visit colleges whenever we can (check out our Instagram page to see many of our stops).”

What is something interesting about the school you attended?
I placed third in doubles at the Intercollegiate Racquetball Championships, representing UT-Austin.

What would you go back and say to your 16-year-old self?
“Of course, there is ‘Eat healthier and save more,’ but I know my 16-year-old self would disregard that advice. I would say, ‘Dream big, take risks, and live your life for yourself, not for the expectations of others. You are a one-of-a-kind child of God, and His plans for you are bigger and better than you can ever envision.”