Rebecca Browning

CFO & Director of HR

“Let faith lead you and hard work propel you.”– Unknown

Rebecca Browning is originally from Nashville, Tennessee, but she says she has been in Texas long enough to claim dual citizenship! She attended The Harpeth Hall School in Nashville and has a BBA in Finance and Accounting from Baylor University.

Rebecca began her career as part of the accounting team for a Dallas-based bank and then became the controller for one of the nation’s leading commodities wholesalers. She wears multiple hats at KD College Prep and says it gives a deeper perspective on all the issues an organization faces. Rebecca coordinates the efforts of the accounting team and works with HR to develop and serve our employees. 

“I’m here to help solve problems and to help our employees and clients succeed,” Rebecca says.

Fun Facts About Rebecca:

What do you like best about KD College Prep?
“Our incredible team!  KD has an amazing group of smart, talented people who have a genuine passion for serving our students and their families. They are gifted ‘solution finders’ who make sure clients receive the most benefit from our programs. They are also stellar at supporting each other and are fun to be around, too!”

What is your List of Loves?
“I enjoy my talented family members who fill our home with music, photography, interesting conversation, great food, and… motorcycles.” 

What is something interesting about the school you attended?
“The tradition of ‘Homecoming’ was invented at Baylor University, which was founded before Texas became a state. And there are live bears on campus.”

What would you go back and say to your 16-year-old self?
“Wonderful opportunities await you! Study everything that interests you, seek challenges, be brave, and enjoy your time.”

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