test prep testimonial vyom

Students, Test Prep

“I wanted to say thank you to all of the teachers and directors at KD for helping me get a great score on the SAT® test. I started with a 1250 on the first KD test I took, and I got a 1530 on the December 5th SAT test. KD played a huge role in this, and I just wanted to say thanks to everyone there for helping me achieve this.”

Vyom S. – Class of 2022

KD College Prep

Parents, Test Prep

“Our twin 16-year-old boys used KD College Prep to study/practice for the PSAT test, and we believe the classes and coaching were invaluable. Very professional and concise. Worth every penny!”

Jerry – Sons, Class of 2022

test prep testimonial mithra

Students, Test Prep

“I’m writing to thank the KD team for all the help and guidance over the last couple of years! All the resources provided were very useful to me and helped me achieve the scores I was aiming for on the PSAT, SAT®, and ACT® tests (1520, 1580, and 34). I really appreciate everyone’s willingness to be flexible and accommodate my requests!”

Mithra A. – Class of 2022

test prep testimonial elise

Students, Test Prep

“The resources that KD offers have greatly prepared me for the college admissions process. Without KD, I would not have been this prepared and confident… I am a rising senior, and I ended up receiving a 1570 on my SAT® test (third time) and a 35 on my ACT® test (first time). I remember the first ever practice test I took for the SAT test was a 1230 (about 1.5 yrs ago) and the first ever practice test I took for the ACT test was a 31 or 32 (about 6 months ago).”

Elise P. – Class of 2022

KD College Prep

“I want to thank KD College Prep for helping both of my kids over the last years reach successful outcomes on their SAT® and ACT® scores, which helped them get into great colleges. I found the college prep class for parents very informative and helpful during the process as well.  My son (Jacob) graduated in 2018 and got a 32 on the ACT test. [He] got accepted into Texas A&M but chose Baylor for Health Sciences.  My daughter (Morgan) graduated in 2020 and got a 1450 on the SAT test and a 32 on the ACT test. [She] got into an Ivy League school (Cornell) for Engineering.  Both my kids say that they apply the test taking skills they learned at KD Prep to their college studies today.”

Jon D. – Parent

college counseling testimonial shreyas

Students, College Counseling

“Coming into this whole process, I had absolutely no idea what anything was, and your help was invaluable—your encouraging words, strategic advice, and wholesome stories and jokes really got me through a stressful time! I’m still on the waitlist at Harvard and other schools, but I’ve really started to immerse into the Emory culture, especially their debate team. Not having to pay for college and still attend a private institution is really a dream come true, and it wouldn’t be possible if it were not for you.”

Shreyas R. – Class of 2020

college counseling testimonial jake

Students, College Counseling

“The most beneficial guidance I received during my College Counseling experience was being taught that it’s completely ok to not know what I want to do with the rest of my life at 17/18 years old. Steve told me that a good school will help me find my path. Also, Steve’s knowledge about what colleges were wanting to see in potential admissions candidates was a huge help…

“There was not one specific beneficial moment or turning point in my time working with Steve, there were many. He encouraged me during the entire application process and brought to my attention many colleges I wouldn’t have considered or heard about without his help.”

Jake W. – Class of 2020

KD College Prep

Parents, Test Prep

“I’m very happy my daughter chose KD as her learning partner to achieve her goals. All the experiences with KD and the Directors there are fabulous. My daughter has improved significantly.”

Zarni, Daughter – Class of 2021

notre dame college acceptance


“I took KD classes the summer before my junior year, and I was finished with my SAT® test by December…The test prep classes also helped me earn the award of National Merit® Finalist.”

Claire I. – Class of 2020

KD College Prep

Students, Test Prep

“It’s been super helpful, and I’ve noticed my scores go up both on my SAT®/ACT® scores as well as test scores in school… Overall, I believe this to be the best college prep that money can buy.”

Gopi C. – Class of 2021