Frequently asked Questions

Current Students
I haven’t finished my (14) Core Lessons. How can I complete these lessons?

We will provide live, online instruction for the lessons that you need. Students in current classes have received an email with links to sign up for live, online lessons. Current students will be contacted by phone or email as more offerings become available to them. Be sure and check your email frequently!

I have extra time right now and would like to do supplemental individual tutoring. Is it available?

Absolutely! Students who want to schedule individual tutoring sessions can contact their home campus to schedule a time, complete registration, and submit payment. We regularly conduct online individual tutoring sessions, and this can be a great use of your free time. During our closure, we have discounted our Individual Tutoring to $60 per hour for our Complete Program students.

Will you reschedule the Bonus Activities for the ACT® Test?

Our new schedule of online activities includes Workshops for the ACT® test and a practice test with a full review. Since the next ACT® test is June 13, we have time to prepare you either in person or online, depending on the current environment. We will provide more information on specific ACT® activities as they are released.

My test review at KD was scheduled during the closure? How can I make it up?

You should have been contacted by now for your test review options, either by phone or email. Please contact your campus if you need further assistance.

I need to take practice tests. How do I do that if KD is closed to the public?

We’re aware that taking practice tests is a high priority for you. It is for us as well. We have released our first practice tests and will release additional practice tests in the event of an extended closure.

When taking a practice test during this time, we encourage you to treat it like the real test. Take the test in a quiet location and follow the instructions for timing and breaks.

After the test, students will submit a picture of their bubble sheet to their home campus via email for grading.

After the student’s test has been graded, he or she will receive an email with the score report, as well as access to the test review.

Will this affect the KD class I chose for the summer?

For the safety and convenience of our families and staff, we have developed an entire summer schedule of live online classes.  Students who planned on a summer start will be sent that schedule via email and asked to choose a new live online class code. When our centers reopen to the public, students will have the choice to continue with their current live online class, choose a different live online class, move to an in-person class, or a combination of all.

Students Interested in Registering for KD College Prep
I want to know more about enrolling at KD College Prep. What should I do?

Even during these unusual times, KD Directors are on duty to serve our families. We can explain all that our program has to offer —what our time-tested proprietary curriculum taught by highly-trained, degreed instructors entails or what we’ve done to expand delivery of these offerings in new ways during this time. Our Directors are available by phone or email to give you all of the information you need. Just call your preferred campus for assistance or you can find out more about our online offerings here.

Can I still register for classes at KD College Prep?

Definitely! We have launched online preparation to better serve our new and existing clients. Your preparation can begin immediately. We offer a full complement of services from lessons to workshops to full-length practice tests with reviews that you can participate in from the comfort and convenience of home. Our Directors are available by phone or email to give you all of the information you need. Just call your preferred campus for assistance or to find out more about our online offerings.

Do you have an online-only program?

With our online offerings, we are thrilled to offer KD College Prep’s time-tested, propriety curriculum to an even wider audience than the 65,000 plus Dallas-Fort Worth area families we have proudly served for more than 27 years. For years families outside our physical service area have driven long distances or even lived in DFW temporarily to take advantage of our services. Now you can experience our unique programming from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

How can I learn more about the KD College Prep program?

Our website has a wealth of information. You can find program information and pricing here. Our FAQs are a great source of the basics you’ll want to know. To learn how we’ve positively impacted students’ lives, check out our testimonials.

Interested in our online programs? Learn more about our different options. Our Directors are available by phone or email during our closure to the public to give you all of the information you need. Just call one of our campuses for assistance.

I am a junior. School is closed indefinitely, and I want to sign up for KD. Should I sign up as a junior now? Will classes be available to me? Or should I sign up for summer and start as a senior?

All lessons are available via live online instruction. Students can use this extra down time to get ahead.

We know this is a stressful time for everyone, including the Class of 2021. Find out more about your special options or contact one of our campuses to speak with a Director, so we can help determine the best plan for you.

Online Learning
Is KD College Prep offering online activities?

Yes. We have live online classes for current students in our 14 Core Lessons.

We also offer live online and/or on-demand instruction and practice for all students that includes workshops, homework, vocabulary development, and practice tests with reviews. Contact us to learn more about these online options.


What kind of online activities can my student expect?

For current students in our Core Lessons, we’ve planned video activities through mid-May including homework solutions, math and verbal workshops,  workshops for the ACT® test, plus an initial round of practice tests with more to come as needed. We are focusing first on materials that students already have in their KD binders. All materials, including PDFs of homework, the vocabulary workbook, and workshops will be online. On-demand activities can be completed at the student’s convenience.

A schedule of offerings for current students and all materials are available online and will remain available until at least June.  This schedule is subject to change. For more information, please contact your campus.

For families new to KD, you may learn more about our online offerings here, or simply reach out to one of our campuses for more information. Remember, our Directors remain available to answer any of your questions by phone or email!


I have questions about the online homework/workshops/test reviews. What should I do?

There is a form below each online activity to submit your questions. A teacher will reach out to you by phone to answer your question. You can also reach out to your home campus by phone or email and speak with a Director.

National Tests
Where do I find information about ACT® or SAT® test cancellations?
I planned on taking the SAT® test in May, but it was canceled. When should I test?

Let us help! Contact a KD Director by calling or emailing one of our campuses. We are happy to help you plan for upcoming test dates in this confusing time.

Will they cancel the June SAT® or ACT® tests?

The June SAT® test has been canceled. It’s uncertain what will happen in the future, but at this point the June ACT® test is still scheduled for June 13.  If either test is canceled, it will either be rescheduled or your fee would be refunded.

Will this affect AP exams?

In response to students ready to take AP Exams, College Board® has developed online free-response exams for each course. For the most current information about the AP exams, please see College Board’s FAQ page.

Temporary Closure to the Public
When will you re-open?

We are closely monitoring the decisions of local school districts and governments along with recommendations of healthcare professionals. We will make decisions with the best interests of our students, families, and staff in mind. We will communicate all decisions via email and on our website.