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Register with KD College Prep to receive your unique referral code.  In order to receive your gift, you must have a referral code, and the referred person must provide the code during the online registration process. Keep track of your code: it can be used over and over to refer new families to KD College Prep.


Give your referral code to those you think would benefit from KD College Prep’s programs. Remind them to enter the code in the appropriate spot on the online registration form.  NOTE: Referral gift is not available retroactively and is only valid for online registrations. Referral codes cannot be applied to any registration after submission.


If the referred student registers, pays in full (or starts an installment plan and makes every payment on time), and attends at least one lesson, we will mail you, the referrer, a bonus check. NOTE: See below for important additional terms. All eligibility requirements must be met before the referral gift will be processed. Processing times will vary but should take 30 – 60 days after all eligibility requirements are met.


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Additional Referral Gift program terms:

Eligibility requirements for the referred person: The referred person must be a first-time registrant to the KD College Prep Complete™, Advanced Start™, or Pinnacle™ programs. The referred person must not have an older sibling (or other member of the same household) who is a current or former KD College Prep student. For example, a younger sibling of an enrolled student is not an eligible referred person. The referred person must register, pay the program fees in full (or start an installment payment plan), and attend at least one lesson.


Eligibility requirements for the referrer: Self-referrals are ineligible. The referrer cannot be a member of the same household or of the immediate family of the referred person. The referrer cannot be a KD College Prep employee or an immediate family member of a KD College Prep employee. The referrer must not be in violation of any law or ethical standard by virtue of making the referral or receiving the gift (for example: fraudulently listing the referral code as a “coupon code” on a coupon site). The referrer must provide a mailing address that is located inside the United States. Receiving a referral code does not constitute a determination of the recipient’s referrer eligibility. Referrer eligibility may be revoked by KD College Prep at any time.


Miscellaneous terms: All eligibility determinations are made at KD College Prep’s sole discretion. KD College Prep reserves the right to terminate the Referral Gift program at any time for any reason. The terms of the Referral Gift program do not constitute an offer or an inducement to contract. Performance by any person in accordance with the program terms does not create an obligation on the part of KD College Prep.

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