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Do you need a laptop? Well, strictly, no, you don’t. You could use a desktop or a tablet. You could borrow one instead of owning it. It would sure make life easier if you had one, though, which is kind of what having a college counselor is like. There’s a big difference between need and […]

It doesn’t seem fair that most people need a glossary to understand the different types of college application deadlines. While the types of deadlines aren’t necessarily hard to grasp, they are named in a somewhat confusing way—”early” versus “rolling” or “decision” versus “action.” Then there’s descriptive terms like “restrictive” or “single-choice.” Here’s a quick and […]

Short answer: Maybe. Here’s the main argument against using a private college counselor: Why should you pay for a service you could do yourself? Of course, by that logic, you’re one step away from growing your own crops. Not everyone wants to be—or even can be—a DIY college application family. Let’s be perfectly clear: high […]