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Is it fair to compare a valedictorian of a class of 400 to a valedictorian of a class of 40? Probably not. And it’s not just because of class size. Just because two students have the same class rank doesn’t mean that they are equally prepared for college. Class rank is inherently imbalanced, but those […]

You passed calculus just fine, but unless you’re planning to be an accountant, your financial aid offer probably looks confusing. The main things you want to find out are how much it all costs and which parts you’ll have to pay back. It’s not as complex as it first appears, but you need to keep […]

College is expensive, and students and parents alike are looking for more ways to help pay for tuition. Now more than ever, it is easy to find people or companies bragging about their ability to discover obscure college scholarships or alter family finances to increase financial aid awards. Unfortunately, many of these offers aren’t what […]

Every year, billions of dollars in scholarship funds are offered to entering college freshmen. Parents, rejoice! But the trouble, of course, is finding them. Some are well-advertised while others stay hidden and require some digging or show up in unexpected places you might not think to look. The scholarship search and application process are lengthy, […]