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Volunteering can change your life. Not just because it can help strengthen your college application but also because it can strengthen who you are as a person. No matter your age, you have something to give to others, like your time or your compassion. In this blog post, we’re going to talk about whether volunteering […]

On most high school resumes, “Community Service” isn’t even a major heading. But, as we have said before, it should be. Rather than shoving volunteer work to the bottom of the page along with typing speed and hobbies, resumes that are used in college applications should highlight passionate commitment to the greater good. Colleges are […]

by Ashley McCarrick

Now that you understand how test scores and other academic factors weigh into the college admissions process, here are the top 6 non-academic college admissions factors: 1. Extracurricular Activities What have you done with your time outside of school? What are you passionate about? Being an active member of a club or holding a leadership […]

by Ashley McCarrick

Students who volunteer in preparation for completing college applications find many benefits other than simply an increased chance of admission. Getting involved is easy. You will realize the many personal benefits that await you as you take the college application tips to heart. Here are the top three reasons why community service matters: 1. Personal […]