Education shouldn’t be “one size fits all.”

Classrooms can be wonderful learning environments, and most students complete the bulk of their education there with no issues, but in some situations, one-on-one instruction may be more beneficial. Some students learn better in a distraction-free space or with a certain kind of conceptual presentation, and a student who learns differently can flourish with personalized lessons.

Even if a student learns well in a classroom environment, tutoring sessions can offer an extra boost by allowing the student to spend time honing particular skills or preparing for a specific exam.

All KD College Prep classes have low student-to-teacher ratios in order to promote structured, focused instruction.

For students who need more help or want to dig deeper into a particular concept, however, we offer individual tutoring. In these 55-minute sessions, highly qualified instructors work one-on-one with students in the Dallas area who need tutoring on subjects like reading comprehension, grammar, math, data analysis, science reasoning, and more. Even a single session can make an enormous difference in a student’s comprehension of the material.

Even a single session can make an enormous difference in a student’s comprehension of the material.

Private instruction is a valuable tool for students who are preparing for exams. Standardized tests like the PSAT/NMSQT® test, SAT® test, SAT Subject Tests™, or ACT® test can be nerve-wracking and knowing that test scores are used in college admissions decisions only adds to the pressure.

A tutor can help your student learn test-taking strategies and the content that will be tested. Many students like to do an individual review for practice exams such as the PSAT practice test to improve his or her test scores. Whether your young scholar needs a thorough subject review or just a confidence boost, KD College Prep offers the best test prep classes in the Dallas area.

Private tutoring is also a great choice for students who are working on college admissions essays. Bring in your essay at any stage — from early brainstorming to final polish — for advice and direction. Along with basic proofreading and structuring tips, our experienced instructors will also show you how to find your voice, highlight your strengths, and how to express yourself effectively.

If you’re looking for a test prep tutor, look no further. Contact KD College Prep staff to schedule a campus tour and discuss which instruction method can best help your student reach his or her full academic potential.