After nearly 30 years of serving students in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we are excited to provide online test prep services to students across the country. We’re currently serving students in 34 states and counting!

What online test prep programs do you offer?

Activities for the test prep programs below are available in an online format.

For live online test prep courses, select the Complete or Advanced Start Program. If you’re looking for a more self-paced option, then check out our On-Demand Core Program. We also offer one-on-one tutoring services for test prep.

What are the benefits of attending online test prep classes?

Many families enjoy the flexibility, convenience, and time-saving benefits of students attending test prep classes from the comfort of their home. 

Through our flexible class schedules, students can choose prep times that will work best with their busy schedules. Attending classes online may be the ideal option for college-bound students juggling schoolwork, extracurriculars, a part-time job, or for students who are unable to drive to a KD campus to attend test prep activities.

Students can attend our online prep classes from anywhere with an internet connection. Online test prep classes are a convenient solution for students who prefer to learn from home, travel often, or simply live outside the DFW Metroplex.

What are online test prep classes like at KD College Prep?

Let’s start by defining the two main formats for our online instruction. 

Live Online Activities

Live online activities are real-time classes that take place in a virtual classroom environment. Each live online activity is taught by an experienced instructor. Students have the ability to ask questions and interact with the instructor through a variety of features (such as private messages, polls, Q&As, and more).

Attendance is taken just as it is for in-person activities. Live online students (and their parents) will also receive a monthly progress report called the “RX For Success” which documents students’ activities.

Please Note: Live online activities are taught separately from in-person activities. We do not combine the two instruction types.

On-Demand Activities

This form of online instruction consists of pre-recorded videos in which our instructors work through our proprietary curriculum allowing students to prep at their own pace.

Please Note: There is no live online instruction offered with our on-demand activities.

Want to learn more?

Explore our test prep programs to learn more about what is included in each of our online test prep program options. You can also schedule a free consultation to meet with a member of our team.


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