What is the best way to study? Anyone who has experienced the after effects of cramming, or has learned the difference between memorizing and comprehending subject matter, knows that poor grades aren’t necessarily due to a lack of effort. However, study habits have to be acquired before they can be nurtured. At KD College Prep, we focus on the former as well as the latter.

Evidence-based techniques such as getting organized, exercising, breaking up study sessions, taking practice tests, forming study groups, and getting good rest all play an important role in student success. But the most optimal study habits are based on several underlying principles that form the philosophical foundation of our programs.

Be Engaged

First, asking for help is key. Studies show that the most successful students are the ones who utilize outside resources to maximize learning. For example, they ask questions during class and visit their instructors during office hours. Students who are in charge of their educational experience and who take responsibility for learning will be much more prepared for life after high school.

Be Confident

Confidence is also essential for academic success. Positive messages and self-assurance increase dopamine, the neurotransmitter that’s responsible for motivation and information retention. Confident posturing can decrease cortisol, the stress hormone, and increase testosterone, which can improve memory and cognitive performance. Students who are more confident are also more likely to ask for help with difficult concepts.

At KD College Prep, we find that students feel more confident when they have permission to own what they don’t know. We help students develop a realistic picture of their knowledge and abilities, encouraging them that just because they don’t know something now doesn’t mean that they aren’t capable of mastering the concept.

Be Open-Minded

Finally, students should remain curious. While it may seem that some people just have an innate love of learning, that desire can be taught. Students who feed their imagination and work to connect the material they are trying to master to the world they encounter every day are more likely to take greater ownership of their education. Moreover, by keeping an open mind and coming to each subject (and problem) with an attitude of inquisitiveness, students are better able to see the big picture — how learning is an experience.

Everyone learns differently. Therefore, it’s only logical that a single time frame and lone information delivery method will not be right for every student. That’s why, in addition to our college prep classes focusing on the PSAT/NMSQT®, SAT®, and ACT® tests, we offer individual tutoring.

While the specific tactics that work for one student may be different from those that work for the next, the overall strategy that makes it possible for them to succeed academically remains constant. KD College Prep teachers see the innate potential in every young person. We don’t just teach students how to do better on a test — we teach them how to maximize learning in all areas of life. Find a tutor for the hard-working student in your life who deserves a successful future.