5 ways small class sizes can help students focus

Of all the features to look for when choosing a school or educational program, one of the most important is a low student-teacher ratio. Small class sizes don’t guarantee positive outcomes — student success still depends on good teachers, a strong curriculum, and student engagement.

But the research is clear: students in smaller classes perform better in all subjects and assessments than their peers in larger classes, even when controlling for other factors.

Why does class size make such a big difference? Here are a few of the main reasons:

1. Increased student participation

With fewer students, each student has more opportunities to speak up and ask questions — and it’s more obvious when they don’t. Quiet, shy, or unmotivated students can’t fly under the radar.

2. Personalized instruction

Not everyone learns the same way, and a presentation for a class of 35 is bound to fly over some students’ heads. In smaller classes, teachers can tailor their instruction to students’ learning styles and abilities instead of taking a “one size fits all” approach.

3. Identification of issues

When teachers know their students individually, they are more likely to notice when a student is struggling with a concept, learning disability, or even having a bad day.

4. Less distraction

Fewer students also means less noise and distraction, making a more focused environment. Students can engage more deeply and thoughtfully with their work and the instruction given.

5. More time

When a teacher’s time is divided fewer ways, each student enjoys more of the teacher’s attention. Students benefit from this type of instruction, and everyone benefits when teachers have more time to address individual questions.

Because we take education seriously, we take this research seriously. That’s why KD College Prep’s class sizes are limited to 15 students and ability-grouped based on diagnostic testing. Our 9th-12th Grade Complete Program, which helps prepare students for standardized tests and for college, ensures that students receive attention from their highly-qualified teachers in our lessons, workshops, and practice test reviews.

You can learn more about our classes and programs at any of our campuses. Contact KD College Prep staff to book a campus tour.


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