Advice From Dad: A Tutorial for Building Your Future

College is right around the corner, and many of our students cannot wait to be on their own. However, students often have mixed feelings about growing up and leaving home. It’s an exciting but scary transition. When it comes to big life decisions, many of us turn to Dad for advice, so we wrote this


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We Give Thanks

Now is the time of year that we spend reflecting on the things for which we’re thankful. At KD College Prep, we are grateful for many things, but above all, we are blessed to work with crazy-talented students and their families. Add in dedicated teachers and a company full of like-minded, caring, and talented directors


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We Are Thankful

As we reflect during this holiday season on the many blessings in our lives, we wanted to share some of ours with our KD family. As Directors, we have the good fortune to work with amazing families, talented teachers and staff, and a vibrant group of coworkers. Our days are never boring, to say the


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