Choosing a Test Prep Program: Improved Test Scores & Expanded College Opportunities

High school students live in anticipation of standardized assessments such as the PSAT/NMSQT®, SAT®, and ACT® tests. Although test scores are not the only factor college admissions committees take into consideration, they can definitely help secure acceptance. Moreover, many scholarships and awards are based on college admissions test scores. Better test scores don’t guarantee college success, but they certainly do open up new opportunities.

Your young scholar can study on his or her own using one of the hundreds of available prep books, apps, and videos. There’s no substitute, however, for personalized, face-to-face instruction. Statistically, students enrolled in prep courses for the SAT® test score higher than those who study alone. Good tutors will have the ability to reach students who have different learning styles, helping them master less intuitive subjects and keeping them both motivated and accountable.

Some programs are better qualified than others, of course. If you’re going to invest in tutoring, make sure you do your homework first. Ask about the curriculum used and the qualifications of instructors. Request testimonials from past students before choosing a tutor. Legitimate preparatory resources will be upfront with their qualifications and will take pride in their results.

For students looking to improve their test scores in North Texas, we are proud to offer our Complete program. For a one-time cost, high school students receive access to resources such as direct instruction, workshops, practice tests, and seminars from the time they sign up until they reach their goals or until they graduate from high school. Concepts are explained in meaningful ways and reinforced through homework and instructor-led workshops for extra practice. Our specially-trained, degreed instructors work closely with each student to prepare him or her to meet college testing goals and build solid study habits. We also teach test-taking strategies — after all, taking a test is a skill in and of itself — and familiarize students with the tools they will be using, such as graphing calculators.

We stand behind our program because it’s demonstrably effective. KD College Prep alumni see an average 150-300 point increase on the SAT® test, and many see more! That means access to better colleges, stronger consideration for honors programs, and a higher chance of receiving more scholarships. Whatever your student’s academic goals, enroll now and, together, we’ll get to work achieving them.


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