Everyone has a different success story because everyone has different goals.

The right college for you is different than the right college for someone else.

How do you know which college is right for you?

We’ll let our staff and former KD College Prep students take it from here.

Location, Location, Location

Some students pick universities based on where they’re located.

The college was good academically and financially. It was also in the same area as home and I knew people who were going there so I felt more comfortable.
— Kathy D., the University of Texas at Dallas

It was close to home and I get homesick easily.
— Arpit S., the University of Texas at Dallas

I chose CUNY Brockport because of the location and proximity to home. They had the major I was interested in and offered me a good financial aid package.
— Nate S., CUNY Brockport

Programs and Community

Some people choose their colleges because of what the community or programs are like.

I decided to attend Boston College because of the sense of community I felt among the students and faculty. I felt I could succeed at any of the universities I was admitted to and graduate with a degree that would prepare me to enter a career, but BC promised to give me more than that. Based on the ways members of the community interact with one another, I knew I would be supported in my development as a person beyond the classroom intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually. I hoped that my college experience would challenge me and give me space to grow as an individual and this environment was where I felt I best fit.
– Emily R., Boston College

I chose Indiana University for a million reasons. It’s ranked well for business. It’s diverse. I thought the campus was pretty during the tour. The cold weather reminded me of the climate in which I grew up. And lastly, I was really excited about their programs, like study abroad.
– Isha G., Indiana University

When I was applying to college, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study. I had many interests, so it was important for me to attend a school that was academically well-rounded. I chose Yale because of the liberal arts curriculum, the focus on building diverse communities, the residential college system, and the location – a completely new environment for me. I was confident that Yale would challenge me, both intellectually and socially.
– Alena R., Yale University

To me, Cornell seemed like the perfect place: a top business and engineering university. I wanted to challenge myself by living on my own, out of state, in a quite opposite climate from what I was used to. Cornell gave me amazing opportunities from teaching my own two-credit class about design, making apps that were used by thousands of students and finding my community within a business fraternity.
– Sahil K., Cornell University

Duke is a unique university because we excel in academics and athletics. Duke students are challenged by the world’s best professors in the classroom, and we are very supportive of each other in our extracurricular endeavors. I’m pursuing a major in computer science and a minor in political science, but I also travel the country as a cheerleader for the best basketball team in the nation. There is no other university with such a healthy balance between education and social life; at Duke, students can succeed both in and out of the classroom without compromise.
– Isabel N., Duke University

It’s Okay to Change Your Mind

Sometimes, students switch colleges, and that’s okay, too.

I started at TCU because I had a good scholarship. It was close to home, and they had a good education program. It became too big for me, and I did not go greek. So, I transferred to Hardin Simmons. I knew the former Dean of Education, so I knew the program was good. It was a smaller feel, and I was able to connect really well with professors.
– Kara S., Hardin-Simmons University

I switched schools three times. The first school was too small for me, so I transferred to the University of Colorado. But then, I got lost in the shuffle because of how big it was. Ultimately, I graduated from Southern Methodist University, which was too close to home. I never could get it right.
– Jeronimo G., Southern Methodist University

I started at Southwestern University, which I adored. Amazing programs and professors and a very tight-knit community. I found a program that I fell in love with at Flagler College in Florida and decided to take the plunge. It was a different environment, but I am glad that I challenged myself with something new. I was out of my element, made new friends, and had experiences that I will never forget. Flagler’s campus is stunning and the professors there were incredible. That was most important to me – building relationships with not only my classmates but the professors as well. Both colleges gave me that opportunity.
– Ashley M., Flagler College


All in all, it’s not the destination but the journey when it comes to getting the most out of your college experience. Decide on your priorities and enjoy the pursuit!