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One of the best gifts an academically gifted student can receive is the chance to fulfill his or her full intellectual potential. The material covered in high-level standardized tests is typically introduced in high school, but if a middle-school student demonstrates readiness, there’s no reason to wait. In fact, getting a head start on these […]

KD College Prep offers a wide array of award-winning college counseling and test prep options. Each extends unique benefits and has been designed to address a different set of needs. Finding the program that’s the best fit for your student will depend on both his or her desired outcomes and individual strengths and weaknesses. If […]

A college education may be a prerequisite for a successful career, but a college education is no longer the exclusive responsibility of the university. College readiness now begins as soon as your children become K-12 students. Every step of your young scholar’s educational journey should help support good study habits and promote strong critical thinking […]