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Whether you’re applying to two colleges or twelve, you need to prioritize balance. We’ll tell you how to create a balanced college list that is likely to result in mostly acceptances. We also have some nontraditional advice about how to think about the college list, and it doesn’t include statistics. With a balanced college list, […]

It’s practically the end of junior year. You’re almost a senior. You can just coast from here on. (Not!) If you ignore these four easy tasks, you’ll definitely miss out on getting a head start on your senior year. On the other hand, you could always decide to make life easier on yourself next year […]

Writing down your goals makes you more likely to achieve them. The act of putting goals down on paper brings them to life in a way that keeping them in your mind never will. When it comes to your ideal college experience, you certainly want those dreams to become reality. It makes sense that you […]

The end of another year doesn’t only mean winter break and holiday celebrations with family. It also means college application deadlines are getting real. Most regular decision college applications fall somewhere between January 1 and February 1. Meaning high school seniors have probably got about 20 days or less to get all their materials together […]

Finding the right fit for a student with learning differences can feel like an insurmountable challenge. You want a university that will challenge and grow its students but also nurture them, especially if they require accommodations for learning. You want a university that will respect your student’s abilities, not focus on his differences. You also […]

At a certain point, students have to make hard choices about college. Specifically, they have to choose which ones will and won’t make the cut. They also need to make sure they have more than just the most selective colleges on the list. Preparing the optimal college list makes use of the “Goldilocks” principle: not […]