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Like George Washington and the mythical cherry tree, SAT Subject Tests™ can grow larger than life if you aren’t familiar with what they are or how they work. What are they? These admission exams in different subjects highlight the areas in which you excel. They test high-school-level knowledge via multiple-choice questions. How do they work? […]

Test anxiety doesn’t have to be all bad. Despite butterflies in the stomach, clammy palms, and lightheadedness that the morning of a test can cause, a healthy amount of test anxiety can actually be motivating. People who have experienced test anxiety will go a long way to avoid that feeling again—including making time to get […]

PSAT scores have been released just in time to add some confusion to chaotic midterms and holidays. Getting your test scores back can be exciting or excruciating. Knowing how to interpret what your test scores are telling you is an important part of improving. Fortunately, understanding your PSAT scores isn’t too hard. Just take it […]

Usually just the sound of the word “midterms” is enough to make high school students panic. Having a test in every subject within the same week can be excruciating. But it doesn’t have to be. Good study skills—plus mindful test-day preparation—will help high schoolers calm down and perform well on their midterms. Even better, these […]

If you’re in 11th grade, you have a lot going on. That’s just a fact. And we totally get it. Not only are you probably ramping up your coursework including AP® classes, but you’re also more involved in your extracurricular activities, maybe have a part-time job, and are responsible for other commitments among your family […]