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One of the best gifts an academically gifted student can receive is the chance to fulfill his or her full intellectual potential. The material covered in high-level standardized tests is typically introduced in high school, but if a middle-school student demonstrates readiness, there’s no reason to wait. In fact, getting a head start on these […]

Today’s students must have clearly-defined goals — things they hope to achieve and toward which they conscientiously work. But goals should not be confused with outcomes. That’s because goals often arise organically as an expression of an individual’s character, motivations, and values. Outcomes can further the attainment of goals, but goals are bigger than accomplishments. […]

KD College Prep offers a wide array of award-winning college counseling and test prep options. Each extends unique benefits and has been designed to address a different set of needs. Finding the program that’s the best fit for your student will depend on both his or her desired outcomes and individual strengths and weaknesses. If […]