Advice From Dad: A Tutorial for Building Your Future

College is right around the corner, and many of our students cannot wait to be on their own. However, students often have mixed feelings about growing up and leaving home. It’s an exciting but scary transition. When it comes to big life decisions, many of us turn to Dad for advice, so we wrote this


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12 Influential Women in Education

Women have often led the charge for improving education throughout the world. Today, we benefit from the ground-breaking ideas and resilience that women have brought to the education sector, but their ideas were not always so widely accepted. One of the many things we can learn from female pioneers in education is that you should


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Remembering Dr. King

I had the privilege of meeting Martin Luther King. By chance, while at Dallas Love Field to pick up a relative with my family, my father spotted Dr. King as we strolled across the main lobby of the airport. Under the shadow of the big statue of The Texas Ranger, my dad stuck out his


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