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What is the best way to study? Anyone who has experienced the after effects of cramming, or has learned the difference between memorizing and comprehending subject matter, knows that poor grades aren’t necessarily due to a lack of effort. However, study habits have to be acquired before they can be nurtured. At KD College Prep, […]

High school students live in anticipation of standardized assessments such as the PSAT/NMSQT®, SAT®, and ACT® tests. Although test scores are not the only factor college admissions committees take into consideration, they can definitely help secure acceptance. Moreover, many scholarships and awards are based on college admissions test scores. Better test scores don’t guarantee college […]

What qualifies as good performance on college admissions tests is changing. More teens than ever are applying to college, and that means more students are taking college admissions tests. Increased competition leads many students to look for ways to reach their full potential on these critical tests. Luckily, your young scholar has many excellent test-preparation […]

A college education can be a springboard for lifelong success. To make the most of the college experience, however, it helps to be properly prepared. College-readiness will put your young scholar in the best position to seize ― and to make the most of — the many opportunities he or she will encounter from the […]