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by Emily Gunter

Think of a practice test as a scrimmage before the big game – you can see what the test will entail without all of the pressure and then make adjustments based on how you perform. In fact, taking practice tests is considered to be one of the most effective study techniques. So if you really […]

Freedom is just weeks away! Did we say freedom? We mean summer. After you give yourself a week to sleep until noon, you’ll be ready to jump back into summer activities. Because as wonderful as it sounds to spend the next three months on social media, you can (and should) make the time work for […]

Education shouldn’t be “one size fits all.” Classrooms can be wonderful learning environments, and most students complete the bulk of their education there with no issues, but in some situations, one-on-one instruction may be more beneficial. Some students learn better in a distraction-free space or with a certain kind of conceptual presentation, and a student […]

Tackling the trials and triumphs of high school, including preparing for college and the real world that comes after, is easier to handle when students know they have support. KD College Prep’s Complete Program consists of a multitude of lessons, seminars, and workshops designed to ensure that each and every student is prepared for the […]

Finding the right fit for a student with learning differences can feel like an insurmountable challenge. You want a university that will challenge and grow its students but also nurture them, especially if they require accommodations for learning. You want a university that will respect your student’s abilities, not focus on his differences. You also […]

There are different ways you can prep for your standardized tests. You can take a live-instruction course, online course, private tutoring, or self-study. Listed below are more details on different prep options. Live–Instruction Prep Courses/Classes There are a plethora of SAT® and ACT® prep live-instruction classes. Students can take these type of courses at school […]

What is the PSAT Test? The PSAT/NMSQT® test, commonly referred to as the PSAT, is much more than an early version of the SAT ® test. It is also the qualifying test for National Merit® Scholarship programs, hence the second part of its name. As such, the test can have a great deal of influence […]

What qualifies as good performance on college admissions tests is changing. More teens than ever are applying to college, and that means more students are taking college admissions tests. Increased competition leads many students to look for ways to reach their full potential on these critical tests. Luckily, your young scholar has many excellent test-preparation […]

by Ashley McCarrick

Last week, we had the privilege of attending the Texas Together Counselor Update hosted by Texas A&M University and The University of Texas at Austin. The event is always informative, and this year there were some especially interesting updates. Check out the information below for Texas A&M and stay tuned for a later blog about […]

by Ashley McCarrick

“This is so overwhelming!” We hear it every day. Yes, the college application process is a daunting one. If you do things the right way, though, the process will pay off with your attending the college of your dreams. Many college applications across the country open on August 1. So over the next month, we […]

by Ashley McCarrick

College admissions offices focus on your grades and resume, but when you send the application can affect your chances as well. Many college applications are due by December or January (be sure to check the colleges’ websites for exact dates) of your senior year. That is for regular admission, which is the most common way […]

by Ashley McCarrick

Now that you understand how test scores and other academic factors weigh into the college admissions process, here are the top 6 non-academic college admissions factors: 1. Extracurricular Activities What have you done with your time outside of school? What are you passionate about? Being an active member of a club or holding a leadership […]