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by Ashley McCarrick

It’s that time of the year — high school seniors are working on college applications and are looking ahead to college. If you are wondering what matters most to colleges, check out these top 4 academic college admission factors: 1. SAT ® test scores, ACT ® test scores, and SAT Subject Test ™ scores Do […]

by Ashley McCarrick

Students who volunteer in preparation for completing college applications find many benefits other than simply an increased chance of admission. Getting involved is easy. You will realize the many personal benefits that await you as you take the college application tips to heart. Here are the top three reasons why community service matters: 1. Personal […]

by Ashley McCarrick

Test prep for the SAT ®, ACT ®, and PSAT/NMSQT ® tests is a popular summer activity, but there are plenty of additional activity options. Summer is a great time to prepare for college and to explore possible career and study options. The DFW Metroplex has a number of specialty programs worth investigating. Here are […]

by Ashley McCarrick

Can you study engineering at a liberal arts college and if so, is it a good idea? Which colleges have strong ROTC programs? Which private universities offer top-ranked business schools? Are there colleges with strong programs for students with learning differences? It’s not often that I read a college guide cover-to-cover, but I did just […]

Namita scored a 240 on her PSAT/NMSQT ® test in 2014. That’s right, this amazing girl made a perfect score on her PSAT/NMSQT ® test and a 2390 on her SAT ® test as well! Quite naturally, one of the first questions going through your mind is “How did she do it?” Namita was kind […]

Sweaty palms, shortness of breath, a racing heartbeat, and even nervous laughter. The same symptoms one might feel before riding a rollercoaster or going on a first date are the same feelings one might have when taking an important test. You might be reading this and think, “Yep, that’s me, all right!” It may be […]

On her 11th Grade ACT ® test, she received a 32. On her 11th grade PSAT/NMSQT ® test, she received a 224 and became a National Merit ® Finalist. On her 11th Grade SAT ® test, she boasted a 2230. Who is this superstar? KD College Prep’s very own, Dhara! Far from boasting about her […]

Chandler is a fun loving girl who enjoys spending time with her friends and throwing baking parties. When she is not throwing a party or hanging out with her church youth group, you can find her spending her time with her PAL throughout the week. She might even be taking in a workshop or doing […]

KD College Prep sees thousands of students each year achieve admission into their dream school. This is what our team lives for each day. Our staff works alongside our students to support them, to sympathize with them when they feel overwhelmed, and to provide detailed plans of action. Our staff encourages each student under our […]